Could you be a Big Brother or Big Sister?


Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fraser Valley

We have two 12-year-old boys in #MissionBC who have been waiting for a Big Brother since early 2014 – that’s three long years waiting for a male role model. Do you know anyone who would be a great Big Brother to these boys

Kyle* enjoys go-karting, swimming, bowling, movies, and is an avid reader. He’d love to visit Castle Fun Park with a Big Brother. His mom hopes he will build a trusting relationship with a man and learn that “not all men are bad.” He is funny, sarcastic, smart, sensitive, and likes making people laugh.

Ben* says, “I need a guy around” as his father is not part of his life. He would love for a Big Brother to take him fishing. He enjoys movies, swimming, BMX biking, origami, laser tag, sports, and hiking.

Both of these boys love video games, but we hope a Big Brother will help them get outdoors and active more often. They are reaching an age where they are starting to notice girls and their moms hope to get some male perspective on approaching this topic!

Please spread the word – three years is too long!

Many thanks to all who’ve responded to and shared this post. We are thrilled to have reached so many viewers. Can you help us spread the message even wider? #MissionBC is not the only #FraserValley community we serve, or the only one that needs #mentors for our youth. The other communities we serve include
#Abbotsford / #Chilliwack / #MapleRidge / #PittMeadows
#Agassiz / #HarrisonHotSprings / #BostonBar / #HopeBC

Our programs vary, so you can
>> be a #BigBrother or #BigSister in a one-on-one match
>> mentor a group of girls or boys in an after-school program
>> serve as an in-school mentor to an individual youth
>> see the link below for information about all our programs…/mentoringprogra…/default.aspx

We have three physical offices, but a call to any one of them will get you to the right person. All our contact information is here:

Want more info about the process of becoming a mentor? Go here:…/Ho…/volunteer/theprocess.aspx

And there are even deals for our mentors:…/…/Resources/dealsforbigs.aspx

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada


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